Reduce the Appearance of your Stretch Marks, with Marksil™

Marksil™ is formulated to help:

Marksil™ is a stretch mark cream that has been clinically tested to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Marksil™ is dermatologically tested and is applicable to both old and new stretch marks. A stretch mark normally transitions through three different stages.

Stage 1: The skin that is affected may start to itch and feel a bit more irritated or inflamed than normal. During this beginning stage the marks are still developing under the surface of the epidermis and may not be visible at this point. Toward the end of stage one, the marks may start to emerge on the skin surface and show as small pink tear like scars.

Stage 2: The marks will now be transitioning from that light pink color to a more reddish, purple color that is more prominent. In most cases during this phase is when the marks also increase in size, width, and depth.

Stage 3: Slowly over time, the stretch mark will fade to a white, silvery color and leave a depression within the skin. Although not as prominent as stage two, the marks are still noticeable as they do not vanish. Ultimately, the reason of the skin stretch and the accommodation the skin had to make can only determine the severity of the marks.

Although, Marksil™ may be effective for all stages of stretch marks it is important to try and apply the Marksil™ cream at first onset or stage one of the marks. The older the marks become the harder it is to help diminish their appearance due to becoming more indented over time and discolorations of the affected areas. Results may be seen within just a few weeks while using Marksil™ however for optimal results, applications should be applied twice daily for a continuous eight weeks!

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